Are you looking to become as instructor to train people in First Aid CPR AED? Many workplaces are starting to train their own staff internally and look to train someone from within their organization to become an internal instructor for their workplace.

CPR4LIFE USA offers the First Aid CPR AED Instructor Course certified and approved by the American Red Cross. This course is a blended learning format course online (before class) and the 6.5 hour in-person class.

Instructor candidates will learn how to navigate instructor material, student/participant materials, learn how to teach each lesson and skill set and will actively teach a lesson and skill as part of the course. The course instructor will provide each instructor candidate with feedback on how they are teaching so that when they leave the course, you do so feeling confident and ready to teach your own classes.

2 Year Certification, must have a basic level First Aid CPR AED or BLS certification to be in the instructor course.