Onsite CPR Training in Minneapolis, MN Can Make You a Lifesaver

Imagine what kind of difference you could make if you were trained to provide lifesaving care at a moment’s notice. That is what expert cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training from CPR4LIFE USA can do for you.

CPR4LIFE USA provides professional CPR training that can give anyone the ability to provide lifesaving CPR care in an emergency. CPR training is particularly important for those working with vulnerable adults, children, or patients, but anyone can benefit from being trained in this lifesaving emergency treatment. You never know when a situation might arise where someone needs CPR, and it’s empowering to know you could make a difference.

Highly qualified CPR instructors in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN area

Jeni Brandt, owner and instructor, has over 15 years of experience in direct patient care and over 10 years of experience providing CPR training. She has trained many participants to provide the proper emergency CPR care for a variety of patients.

Jeni’s knowledge helps elevate training so students gain meaningful hands-on experience on the equipment and feel confident in the skills and knowledge they are learning in the class.

Jeni ensures that CPR4LIFE USA instructors are highly qualified in the medical and/or direct patient care fields. When you receive training through CPR4LIFE USA, you ensure that your instructors are certified by the American Heart Association and/or the American Red Cross. This means that the instruction you and your team receive will be up-to-date, thorough, and actionable.

CPR Instructor Saves a Life

Jeni Brandt knows first-hand how important CPR training is. When she was just beginning her 9:00 a.m. class at the American Red Cross in Rochester, MN, someone in the building began having a heart attack. She alerted the students to call for an ambulance and started giving the patient CPR. Jeni’s training allowed her to stabilize the patient until an ambulance arrived, and her students received a lesson they would never forget.

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